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Book Writing Service

We offer a wide variety of services to help you become a successfully published author. We have a team of professional who take their job very seriously.

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Professional Book Editing Service

Reviewing and revising written content to improve its quality, clarity, and overall effectiveness. Also, correcting grammar and punctuation, streaming sentences, and making suggestions for rewriters or reorganization.

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Preparation and Publishing

Creating and publishing all variety of book formats such as paperback, hard covers, eBooks and also audio books. Aesthetic choice for the cover design and also interior choice such ae chapters, page numbers paragraph spacing, line spacing, margins, & etc....

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Global Book distribution

Distributing and publishing your work with the largest global book distribution network including independent bookstores, online platforms such as Amazon, libraries, and universities.

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Creating a brand for author name and book and display it across most social platforms, websites, and collateral,  professional reviews, video content, and offering books in events and exhibitions.

Copyright and LAC

Register books and contents for intellectual property that protects original works of authorship for the author and submit material to the Library Archives Canada (LAC) collections.

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Children's Book Line  services

Our design team supports every aspect of design from creating characters and illustrating them, to cover design, interior layout and typestyle.

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Translating Right for book

Acquiring the rights to translate literary works that you like to translate to other language form the original publishing firm. For your own book we professionally translate your book to English, Farsi, French.

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